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WPKA Dog Show

This is my very first dog show! I enjoy watching dog shows on TV, but to see a variety of handsome, well-groomed dogs walking/running just inches away is even more exciting.

This annual dog show taking place in the David Lawrence Convention Center on March 29 and 30 was hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association (WPKA).

I thought I am familiar with different  dog breeds, but it turned out that I can’t recognize some of them.  Time to read the dog encyclopedia again.  For example, anyone knows what this dog breed is?

This cute guy is the champion of the Terrier Group.

It was fun to watch dog agility contests.  Some dogs seemed to get lost…

Some were indeed agile

and one dog was too agile to keep on the right track T_T
The crowd burst into laughter and the poor pup was forced to scratch from the contest.

Adorable Japanese Spitz

Giant Poodle

Handsome Dalmation

Cute Shiba Inu

I loooooooove plus-sized dogs

Fluffy Old English Sheepdog

A  running mop

The giant in this dog show

Giant Schnauzer can be very large

Alaska Malamute looks like Siberian Husky, only way larger

Sweet big dog Great Pyrenees

Conclusion: I need a real camera, not just a cell phone with lens

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