My Prince Charming

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Oscar, I love you!

Lalo brought a living mouse back home AGAIN; he had difficulty catching and killing the mouse AGAIN.

After a hard-working long day, exhausted Ingrid screamed and cried Airen the largest dog in the house for help.

Airen came right away, looking at her curiously as if she was a chair-jumping, over-reacting fussbudget.

Ingrid screamed again; idiot Lalo picked up the still alive mouse and dropped it in HER room AGAIN.  Despite the fact she shouted “You cannot leave just like that!  Take your mouse with you,” Lalo left the house…alone…

Since Lalo and Airen were not trustworthy, “Oscar, help me,” Ingrid called out.

In fewer than 5 minutes, Oscar came back home.  Anxious Ingrid pushed innocent Oscar into her room, told him “Find the mouse, and finish it,” and rushed back to the living room which was furthest from the mouse.

In fewer than 2 minutes, Oscar stepped out, and dogs gathered around him with interest next to the table.  Ingrid was curious about what was so interesting while still standing on the chair, and followed dogs’ gaze to the ground.

Ingrid screamed.  Oscar presented his success, the DEAD mouse, right in front of her.  She screamed again, and brave Oscar rescued her by taking the mouse out.

No Lalo admission when I’m not in the room!

Oscar, I love you!

Oscar and Lalo



Update (Jul 18, 2014):

Oscar passed away 2 years ago.

I miss him very much.




早上五點就被在我床底下玩紙袋的阿貓阿狗室友吵醒。我唸一句,安靜一分鐘,接著又繼續活蹦亂跳…正好當時睡地板的 Smoky 想到後院上廁所,我就順勢開門歡送狗狗們,鎖門,留下平常很乖的黃貓 Lalo,以為終於可以好好睡覺…

貓通常比狗安靜,那天不知道吃錯什麼藥,Lalo突然對我裝靴子的紙袋感興趣;(我發現錯怪狗狗了,罪魁禍首就是 Lalo! )

過了很久很久,忍無可忍 睡眼惺忪的我終於決定探頭到床下叫他安靜。

瞌睡蟲全速退散! 不是因為 Lalo 突然愛上我的紙袋,而是因為史都華在紙袋鑽進鑽出…

Lalo抓了一隻活生生的小老鼠(mouse)回來,特地帶來我房間分享戰果,準備接受誇獎,結果換來我(看到小強時)的尖叫和撤退。勇敢的房東後來幫我趕走小老鼠,她還說Lalo 以前從不打獵。我做了什麼讓他轉性? 我該覺得驕傲嗎?

Lalo wearing bracelet
Lalo wearing bracelet

漫 長的一天終於即將結束,狗狗進房間找好床位之後,我就迅速關門;難得今天”貓咪止步”。接著就在我的窗外,外面貓叫,接著是裡面狗吠。隔天一大早,房東告 訴我打獵高手白貓 Oscar 抓了一隻(和高露潔牙膏一樣肥大的) rat 回家,並順利做掉牠,放在我窗外等候誇獎…她說 Oscar 從不帶獵物回家的,我該覺得榮幸嗎?  還好我只看到塑膠袋裡的殘骸,再度感謝勇敢的房東!

結論: 我以後還是養狗就好